The speakers in the soulful poems of Peter Serchuk’s All That Remains deeply inhabit their landscapes and their relationships, living fully, leaving no moment unembraced.

Praise for All That Remains

“Original to the core, innovative, his voice is like no one else’s writing today.”
—Laurence Lieberman, author of Carib’s Leap: Selected and New Poems of the Caribbean

All That Remains sparkles everywhere with diamond-bright language.  Reading this lovely book reminds me of what brought me to poetry in the first place.”
—George Bilgere, author of Haywire and The White Museum

“Peter Serchuk is that increasingly rare poet whose voice is both vivid and fresh, sometimes funny always convincing… I think his is one of the most original poetic sensibilities of his generation.”
—Richard Burgin, editor of Boulevard and author of Shadow Traffic

Praise for Waiting for Poppa at the Smithtown Diner

“Peter Serchuk is a realist who is not afraid to explore the secrets of the heart, to face in his ‘murderous desire to love everything’ the dreariness, the tragedy, the horror that pervades the ordinary world.  His goal is honest illumination, and he brings to the subjects of these marvelous poems and enormous sanity and compassion.”
—David Bottoms, author of In a U-Haul North of Damascus and Under the Vulture Tree