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Recent Book and Film Recommendations:

Trajectory−Short Stores by Richard Russo

For those who may have forgotten, Russo first made his mark as a brilliant short story writer. This collection of longish stories will not disappoint. Travel, sibling relationships, love, loss, redemption and yearning--it's all here in full Russo style.


Everybody's Fool− A novel by Richard Russo

For anyone who missed this book in hardback, it's now in paperback and a must read for all Russo fans and all fans of great fiction writing. In the book, Russo reunites us with many of the same characters from his earlier classic "Nobody's Fool," in a story that is endlessly compelling. The characters are multi-dimensional and rooted, like people you know and people who know you. And so the range of thought and emotion runs wide and true.


Peace Like A River−Leif Enger

This first-person narrative novel about an unusual family, a somewhat magical father and a son on the lam from the law is a tremendous read. The narrator's voice is a perfectly pitched combination of innocence, charm and affection as he recalls critical events from his childhood and the inter-family relationships. I'm not sure how I missed this book when it first appeared in 2002, but if you missed it as well, do not miss it now. A terrific book.